April 01, 2016


5 Minutes with......Courtney Thorpe, Miss World Australia & Miss Oceania 2014



Photograph supplied by Courtney Thorpe

You were crowned Miss World Australia and while representing Australia you were chosen as one of the top 5 in the world which was an amazing achievement. You also received the title of Miss Oceania - what does that title represent?

The title of Miss World Oceania is also known as a continental queen of beauty. Aside from the overall winner, a contestant from each continental region is also crowned. So alongside Europe, Caribbean, Africa, Asia and America I was crowned to represent our continental region of Oceania.

Miss World is about more than just beauty, it’s beauty with a purpose – what was your most fulfilling & memorable experience?

My Beauty with a Purpose project was continuing the work that Miss World Australia had been doing with indigenous communities for 4 years. I was given the opportunity to visit schools and communities in Alice Springs and the Lilla Communitiy where I was able to not only see the amazing work we had already done, but to research what work we still needed to help with. The week that I spent with these indigenous communities was absolutely life changing. I went thinking I would be able to educate them, but to be honest, I was the one that was educated. I have never been the same since that trip, for the better.

There are a number of pagents where you can represent Australia, what was the reason behind specifically choosing to be a part of Miss World?

Miss World is a holistic pageant. We were judged in so many areas including evening gown, beach wear, interviews, but also in sport, talent and most importantly Beauty with a Purpose. To me what all that means is that Miss World is looking for a woman that strives to not only be the best version of herself, but to also have a higher purpose in life and to give back to society and to leave her own unique mark on the world. And who wouldn’t want to be apart of something like that?!

We are dying to know - what fun and mischief is gotten up to with all the girls behind the scenes?

Where do I start! I would have to say my two favourite memories were eating Thai food every night for dinner with the other girls I was close with in Miss Thailand’s room, and when my best friend Miss USA invited us into her room for a binge on American Candy. Anyone who says pageant girls don’t eat just don’t know what they are talking about!

You have just recently handed over your crown to Tess Alexander so what is your next exciting adventure?

I have returned to university to complete a lifelong dream of studying law and I am also working very hard to get into television presenting.

What’s your favourite travel destination?

I will always have a soft spot for London after living there for a month for Miss World, but I am also about to travel to America to visit Miss USA and I have a feeling that might become my new favourite travel destination!

Books or movies?

Nothing beats a good book.

Early morning exercise or sleep ins?

Ohhh anyone that has met me will be able to answer this easily. I am absolutely the WORST morning girl you will EVER meet! So sleep ins all the way for me!

Favourite TV show?

I think in a past life I must have been a country singer because I am obsessed with it! So not surprisingly my favourite TV show is Nashville (I just wish Netflix would hurry up and add more seasons for me to binge watch!)

Who is your celebrity crush?

Ryan Reynolds. Oh my lord.

What would be your perfect date?

My girlfriends always wish they could tell guys this about me before they ask me out! As nice as it is when a guy organises a big romantic date, I actually feel really awkward and have been known to get so nervous that I almost cancel on them. I just like simple - takeaway and a movie is more than perfect.

You wake up at 2am – would you raid the fridge?

I am such a nightowl that I am usually only going to sleep at 2am! But I am a big lover of midnight snacks…. like they say, why would God have invented a light in the fridge otherwise?!

What is your happiest childhood memory?

I grew up in a street full of kids and we all played together, so most of those days are great memories!

You’re a local Gold Coast girl – which is your favourite beach?

I love Tallebudgera Creek.

What are the top 3 things you can’t do without for a perfect day on the beach?

My round towel (fully on board with that trend), sunscreen (underneath my spray tan I am basically albino) and a great kini!

What is the one thing we simply ‘must do’ if we are visiting the Gold Coast?

I am the biggest kid you will ever meet and I LOVE theme parks!!! I can’t pick my favourite but pretty much any of them are a must!

Bikinis, one piece or monokinis?

I think a one piece is so classy.

What’s your favourite KEZINI SWIMWEAR piece?

The soft frilled one piece....WOW. Love love love it!


"Miss World Australia has raised over $150,000 on behalf of the Lilla Foundation.  Miss World Australia's ongoing support of our projects has made a material difference in transforming the quality life of many Aboriginal children living in the Watarrka region" - Lilla Foundation



November 20, 2014

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5 Minutes With.....Dan & Steph from MKR


Proud Queenslanders and winners of the 2013 Series of MKR

Photograph supplied by Dan & Steph


We loved watching your journey on MKR, what was your most favourite experience on the show?

Heading to the Melbourne Cup & cooking for the celebs in the bird cage – it was also our wedding anniversary that same day – so it was pretty special

Pete and Manu are very composed on camera, who is the most mischievous when the camera's stop rolling?

Definitely Manu that’s for sure! He is a cheeky clown. Loves a good time & a laugh – what you see is what you get with Manu – Pete is very lovely but very professional & a straight shooter.

How has life changed in the past year after becoming the 2013 winners of My Kitchen Rules?

Complete change! We have travelled Australia doing appearances & cooking demos, went to the USA for a once in a life time holiday & we have opened our own restaurant “EAT at Dan & Steph’s” in our home town of Hervey Bay

What is your favourite Queensland inspired recipe?

It must be a QLD thing to have savoury & sweet together – such as prawns & mango salad with macadamia nuts

As a foodie, if you could travel to anywhere in the world which destination would be your first choice?

We would love to get to Germany or Japan!

If you were on an island and could only take 3 ingredients to cook with, what would they be?

Salt, beef & beer!!

Steph, what is Dan's most annoying habit in the kitchen?

He is very messy – I am his little apprentice who goes behind him cleaning up the mess

Dan, if you could be Steph for a day, what is the first thing you would do?

Stop buying shoes LOL

What is something we would be surprised to know about you?

We both grew up in housing commission – Dan from Booragul Newcastle & Steph Inala Brisbane

What is the naughtiest thing you ever did at school?

(Steph) I wagged one day & went to the shopping centre where mum was shopping.....not a smart idea!

(Dan) – Got caught pashin the girls behind the shed LOL!!

Who is your celebrity crush?

(Steph) – Scott Disick 

(Dan) – Maeve O’Meara

We need to talk beach & bikinis....what is your favourite beach to hang out?

Hervey Bay of course!!!

Have you ever lost your swimmers in the surf?

No, but on a waterslide we have both lost the bottoms……up our bottoms!

Bikinis or One Piece?

One piece

Boardies or DT's? 


Your best tip for a great day at the beach?

Big towel, water, sunscreen & no time schedule

If you want to learn more about Dan & Steph then head to their website @ http://danandsteph.com.au

For your perfect One Piece Swimwear:

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KEZINI Monochrome Soft Frilled One Piece

Who are your MKR favourite's?