KEZINI Swim & Resort Wear - How it all began.....



Blessed with curves which I have (sometimes not so graciously) embraced, it has in turn often challenged me in the pursuit of the perfect swimsuit. It has contributed to the many silent battles between hopeful anticipation and exasperated despair that have been carried out in the small confines of a change-room in many a shop.

One such occasion led me to ask the question of what it was that I was really searching for?? I came up with the simple answer that I was looking for a style that was somewhere in-between the traditional and fuller cut that wraps around your butt like a flashing beacon screaming ‘here I am!’ and the somewhat teenier cuts that beg the question of ‘where did it go?’

After a long day of searching in shop after shop and finding that this self imposed retail therapy expedition was clearly becoming less and less enjoyable, I finally stumbled across a tiny little boutique that seemed to offer what appeared to be an acceptable solution. By ‘acceptable solution’ I mean that I found this gorgeous little bikini that had been imported from Brazil and I found that if I actually purchased this bikini two sizes larger than the style intended, then it provided me with the perfect coverage that I was looking for. Finally! This was cause for celebration!

It was there, in the change room of that tiny little cute boutique, that the dream of Kezini began.

If I was so determined in my search for this style of swimwear, many other women must be too! and we certainly shouldn’t have to purchase something 2 sizes too big to find it. Clearly there was a need for something different than was readily available and it was then that I made the decision that the skills I had learnt while growing up to design and make many of my own garments were going to be dusted off, revived and put to good use.

Creating Kezini from a dream and turning it into a reality has been an extraordinary journey and one that I am very proud and excited to be able to share.

Share your journey with us, we would love to hear your story....

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