Say Au Revoir to those nasty tan marks!...

Ok so we are just hitting summer here in Aus, and there will be many of you out there who are still sporting your 'winter tan' (from a bottle) when you hit the beach - because of course one must look like one has been at the beach all winter!

So although this practice is a given, there is nothing more annoying than getting fake tan marks on your bikinis which don't seem to come out in the wash! 

So here's a little tip that we use all the time after photoshoots and runway shows - Wet Ones - yep that's right, the humble old Wet Ones! 

But you must use the original ones that are loaded with alcohol as this seems to be the magic ingredient that makes it work so well - who knew you could love alcohol for more reasons than making a good drink!

You're Welcome!

Do you have any summer tips you would like to share?  We would love to hear from you!

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